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stolen from chris' lj (because i am too lazy to retype)

"Phi Delt is on probation and it is causing more drama then ever. The problem is that if we have a party, and something happens, we're done. We used to be overlooked and stuff but now not so much. So it is basically bound to happen, and we lose the house, and some people go to jail. I voiced my opinion and everyone is mad at me now, cause I said not to have parties for obvious reasons, until were not on probation. I have supporters but they are emailing me privately, and so I am getting attacked. Fuck this, this is the last time I do this, and I dont wanna deal with this shit anymore. I am at home one night and my door was painted on, something about a giant penis and the word PENIS written on it. Kinda irks be, not much though. But fuck this I am done trying, and voicing shit cause I get no help."

Lovely, eh? I am so sick of this shit. I know it's not my place, and it's Chris' deal and all, but I hate seeing him this stressed out and unhappy. It's not fair. The only people acting like little shits are the guys who are young, and think that if life isn't a giant party then everything else can go to hell. I can't deal with this, and Chris shouldn't have to. UGH
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