Heather (cinderellahn) wrote in gdigirlfriends,

So... about the whole sorority thing...

I think I was delusional. Or something. I don't have very many girlfriends to do things with. Not that live in the state anyways. And I think I just wanted that female companionship. But I've decided now, that I wouldn't join a sorority now if they payed me!

Its funny tho. Sorority girls always think that other sorority girls are just as sweet as can be. The rest of know that most of them are bitchy skanks. Right now the ADPi pledges are wearing t-shirts with flip flops on the back and they say, "We started the sorority in 1851. So walk in our shoes, or follow in our shadows". Or something like that. I don't understand why they think they are so much better then everyone else? I mean, whats so great about being part of a group of people who are exactly like you? You all dress the same, act the same, look similar... whats so great about that? Part of what is great about my friends is that we all have some things in common, but for the most part, we're entirely different people from different backgrounds, different places, etc.

I wouldn't want all my friends to be just like me for the same reason I don't want to date anyone just like me. I mean, if you have ALL the same interests and like ALL the same things, its going to get really boring.

But whatever. Thats just me. Other then Aimee (and she's part of a Christian sorority) and Allie (who I knew before she pledged), I have NEVER met a sorority girl that I liked. And I really don't see that changing.

Although, I'm sure around Airband, I'll want to pledge, but I don't see it ever happening. I can think of better things to spend $400 + a semester on. Like purses, shoes and clothes. But most of these girls have mommy and daddy paying for everything and don't realize what its like to have to work, and have bills to pay. The lack of sorority girls was one thing I DEFINETLY didn't miss about this place.
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